The second project meeting was held in Marigliano, Italy ,from November 28 to December 2, 2022.

Many activities were carried out during the meeting:
- on Monday the welcome ceremony at the Municipality All
- the school orchestra that performed the Italian anthem and Ode To Joy
- various workshops with students and teachers,
- various project meetings
- visits to the various branches of the institute
- a ceramic workshop, during the workshop a ceramic plate was made and the foreign students brought it with them as a souvenir
- cultural visits to the area

Project process evaluation meeting:
- English for socializing / games- workshop about bulliyng

Three guided tours were carried out to get to know the area better:
- in Naples, to the Amalfi coast and an excursion to Pompeii

In Naples, the teams visited Castel dell’Ovo, piazza del Plebiscito, the Royal Palace, San Gregorio Armeno, piazza San Domenico Maggiore and Bacoli, the land of the Sibyl and the oracles. During the tour of the Amalfi coast, the cities of Sorrento and Amalfi were visited.

On Saturday the foreign students and teachers left and many of them had tears in their eyes, they exchange hugs and promises of eternal friendship with their peers and with the families who hosted them. It is sadness for everyone. The educational trip has come to an end and everyone must return to his own country taking home a huge wealth of experiences.

A parent says: "it is difficult finding the right words to define such an incredible and exciting experience It is an extraordinary experience you have to live it and you gave us this great opportunity. A perfectly successfull adventure with attention to the smallest details. A heartfelt and special thank you to the principal for his great skills, and to the entire teaching teams for their great commitment, to the parents who made a great team all together and to our students who collaborated in carrying out this beautiful project".

The president of the school board, Pina Amato, in a post summarizes the emotions of all parents: "The huge value of an Erasmus experience, even as a simple host, is not just training and practicing your English. It is so much more. It is learning to welcome a culture different from ours; it is being able to make our guest feel at home while respecting him; it is living with the other without judging; it is creating a network, sharing experiences and doubts; it is to give and take; it is to bring the family together; it is a time of growth. Thanks to the school that offered us this opportunity. We hope to raise children who are promoters of hospitality and who are citizens of the world, a world of Peace and mutual acceptance.



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