Project Aims

The main objective of this project is to prevent and reduce aggressive behaviors among school children to make bullying prevention a priority in our schools.

We will try to establish classroom rules with specific examples of what is acceptable and unacceptable to establish intervention programs for socially-vulnerable students, to identify the most socially-vulnerable students at the school and determine what makes them feel successful,to help them to develop friendships and make connections at the school through joined work in music and drama projects.

The key is to break the silence surrounding bullying.

And what best way to overcome the silence that to teach through drama and music plays  to those who address these issues. This way we will ensure teachers and administrators are committed to addressing bullying With music and drama programs this issue can be addressed by assigning prestigious roles to bullied children.

School acts are a determining factor in character education can challenge students to rise above their comfort zones, reduce negativity and help them develop empathy, understanding and good citizenship to create, provide and implement a better atmosphere for students.

Music, dance and drama havea great effect on relieving stress. Studies have found that music can reduce burnout and improve mood states. Additionally they help children develop management skills and discipline, build respect and adopt inclusiveness.

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