29th MAY to 3rd JUNE 2023

The first day of Kocaeli activity started with the opening ceremony held at Darıca Neşet Yalçın Anatolian High School. The first part was completed with the musical show "Good and Bad" prepared by the students of Darıca Neşet Yalçın Anatolian High School, traditional dances and a music recital.
Then the host school was introduced. Guest teachers and students were given a school tour. Before lunch, students and teachers who participated in the Darıca tour visited the famous painter Osman Hamdi Bey museum and house, which are symbols of the city.
A public painting workshop on peer bullying was held in Darıca National Garden park.
Within the scope of the activities of our project,illustrated banner work of students from 4 participating countries.
On the second day of our mobility, we participated in the Istanbul tour.
We visited the historical peninsula of Istanbul and visited historical buildings.(Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern)
We had a pleasant day with the information and observations we gained from our guides about the cultural structure of Türkiye.
On the third day, our meeting point was Darıca Neşet Yalçın Anatolian High School. Teachers and students had conversations about peer and cyberbullying together.
Digital content prepared by the teachers of Darıca Neşet Yalçın Anatolian High School was shared with the participants. Participating countries made presentations of their project activities. After lunch, Darıca Mayor was visited. On the fourth day, teachers and students met at Darıca train station. We completed the second part of our Istanbul trip.
We participated in the Bosphorus tour, one of the most important symbols of Istanbul. Then we went shopping in the Grand Bazaar, which was the shopping center of the Ottoman Empire.
The fourth day was completed with the visit to Dolmabahçe Palace and Istiklal Street. A certificate ceremony was held on the last day and last activity of our project. Certificates were presented to participating teachers and students by school administrators. Our students attended the classes of the host school. Our teachers held a final meeting. Digital content and e-magazines of our project were created. The activities of our project ended with the final dinner.


Certificate ceremony

Group photos


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