st May - 5th May  2023
3rdMeeting , Lesvos , Greece

The  program started with a gracious dance performance, graciously executed by the students of the Epal of Gera, as a warm welcome to our host countries. In this enchanting display, we endeavored to craft a communal space for sharing, elegantly opening the channels of communication through the art of dance. Here, amidst the convergence of diverse languages and cultures, we forged connections that transcended linguistic barriers. Each country subsequently unveiled their meticulously prepared presentations, which included thought-provoking sketches, enlightening surveys, and the rekindling of ancient friendships, alongside engaging board games. These collective efforts served as a poignant reminder of the profound reasons that unite us and elucidated our shared objectives – the expression of our shared human experiences through art and our unwavering commitment to combat all forms of bullying.

As we share a collective appreciation for playful interaction, we seamlessly transitioned into a series of ice-breaking activities designed to foster mutual understanding and trust, thereby establishing the vital foundations for the days ahead. These playful endeavors seamlessly segued into the realm of theater, where we harnessed the power of movement, visual storytelling techniques, and improvisation to delve more deeply into our overarching theme. This artistic exploration culminated in a collaborative performance that resonated with profound meaning.

Our day drew to a close with a two-hour art workshop, inspired by the myth of the Minotaur. Guided by a shared vision, we collectively crafted a vibrant masterpiece using colors and drawings to articulate the concepts that bound us together. Of course, no day would be complete without indulging in a well-deserved break, during which we savored ice cream, reveled in the freedom of dance, and engaged in spirited conversations.

The following day, we found ourselves in Mantamados and the Sikamnia staircase, where the accompaniment of a dulcet clarinet and hauntingly beautiful melodies provided the backdrop for an event we had meticulously orchestrated. Under the welcoming canopy of the friendship tree, we artfully reenacted scenes depicting bullying and its resolution. This powerful experience underscored the significance of active participation and the pivotal role of onlookers in addressing instances of bullying, reinforcing our belief that every individual can play a substantial role in eradicating such behaviors. Our theatrical endeavor concluded with harmonious collective dancing and singing.

Our journey together continued to the majestic Molyvos Castle and the charming town of Eresos. The resonant songs and captivating traditional dances of each country gracefully accompanied us throughout our adventures. Against the backdrop of the sea and beneath the drizzle of rain, we engaged in a board game thoughtfully crafted by the students of the P.E.L. of Gera. Through laughter, the exchange of playful expressions, heartfelt narratives about bullying, and the roll of dice, we collectively chose the path of connection and friendship.

Guided by the transformative power of art and its myriad forms of expression, we stand poised and eager to take action. Our resolve is clear—to establish channels of open communication and to actively engage in the battle against any manifestation of bullying that may cross our path.







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