The meeting was held in Jelsa, Croatia from 9 October to 15 October 2022

On day one all of the students and teachers participating on Erasmus went to our Municipal building. First each school introduced themselves with presentations and interesting about their country. After that we invited some folk dancers, so that they can see Croatian traditional dances. We had a little snack break, we ate some food that some teachers prepared for us. Then, the folk teacher taught us one folk dance and we had a lot of fun learning.

Then, we had a task where we had to be partners to get to know each other, called ice breaking activities. Later, all of us teachers and students, went to Stari Grad get to know each other even better.

In the next days many activities were carried out like : cyberbulliyng workshops , making traditional cakes Paprenjoci , watching videos cyberbulliyng , answer to questionnaire about bulliyng, some trip to know Jelsa, Stari Grad, St . Peter’s Monastery, St. Ivan’s church, Tvrdalj.

On the last day, we all meet at the municipaly library in Jelsa in the afternoon. Our task was to create a song, each n our own language, based on the melody of a common song by Erasmus. We came up with the text and practiced singing until the parents arrived. We sang what we learned all together Later, students and professors from Turkey, Greece and Italy taught us to dance that are known in their countries. We danced, had fun, ate and sang until far all together teachers and students .

A great farewell dinner, a closing ceremony of a meeting that will be forever in the heart, in the soul of participants because it isn’t easy to be welcomed in such a warm way.




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Turkey clip about bullying


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